Production Sound Mixer

As head of the department, I am capable of spear heading the audio team and delegating responsibilities while upholding all the requirements of recording the best sound possible. I am capable of working as a one man band or providing my own team of audio professionals. Communication is crucial when operating with other department heads as well as my own sound squad. I am adaptable to various sound gear whether it is my own or it is provided by production.


Sound Utility

Timecode, comteks, mics, fridges, and AC units are always on my radar. Responsibility for the gear and well being of the crew is no small task on any scale of production when things start to get hectic.



Boom Operator

Already having my own boom poles and shotgun mics, I come prepared to take direction and ready to operate under any conditions. Having personal experience with cameras, an understanding of the focal length and the distance a subject is from the camera lens is an edge I consider necessary for any professional boom operator.



As an A2, I have experience with audio logs and anticipating the necessary talent is wired for the approaching scenes. Working large events at the Los Angeles Convention Center with both front of house and back of house mixers, it is crucial to communicate with both teams for optimal recording and live performances.